Underground Garage Shelters

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Protect What Matters to You Most

Build an underground garage shelter in Moore or
Oklahoma City, OK

You don't have to believe in an impending doomsday to want to prepare for the worst. Have a sure-fire way to keep what matters most to you safe by installing an underground shelter for your home.

Preferred Shelters in has several underground garage shelters for you to choose from so you have options for your ideal size and budget. All of our units are made with quarter-inch steel plate doors, so our underground shelters will keep you safe from storms or intrusion.

Learn more about our underground shelter for your home by calling 405-323-4411 today. We can build underground shelters in Moore, Oklahoma City OK and surrounding areas.

Shelters for all families

Underground garage shelters are perfect for storing things you want to keep off the map. Turn to Preferred Shelters to get an underground shelter for your home that's big enough for all your family and valuable belongings. We offer...

  • Small garage shelters - 3' x 6' x 4.6'
  • Accommodates 4-6 people
  • Medium garage shelters - 5' x 7' x 5.5'
  • Accommodates 6-8 people
  • Large garage shelters - 5' x 8' x 5.5'
  • Accommodates 8-12 people
  • Extra-large garage shelters - 5' x 8' x 6.4'
  • Accommodates 8-12 people

Keep your family and your valuables safe underground. Reach out to us today to discuss what size underground garage shelter you need.